Alright Already

Hired gun hires guns. Halifax sideplayer Sean MacGillivray has colluded with Classified, Jenn Grant, Gabrielle Papillon, Alana Yorke, Rich Aucoin and more, and seldom finds time to feed and water his own emo-revival band. When he does, he’s joined by fellow producer-engineers and sideplayers Dylan Mombourquette and AJ Boutilier, and plays convoluted  and cryptic 12-string electric anthems to the greatness beneath the seemingly mundane. Having toured and recorded with some Canadian artists at the tops of their respective fields, MacGillivray’s most recent sit-ins have been with Tim Baker of Hey Rosetta and John K. Samson of the Weakerthans. He very, very slowly writes frequently-jubilant math rock and makes it plain that in addition to Samson, that’s he’s influenced by Braid, The Police, Plumtree, and North of America. It’s also thusly clear that no one told Alright Already the late nineties had ended; bassist AJ Boutilier’s own Designosaur project fondly recalls the guitar-centricity of Eric's Trip and Failure, and The Inbreds’ melodic and bass-forward approach. Drummer Dylan Mombourquette shares MacGillivray’s history with skate punk, even if it’s not apparent in the band's music or in Mombourquette's other musical endeavours. 

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