Traditional Trio: Colin Grant, Gillian Head and MaryBeth Carty

Bright and lively; yet powerful and gritty – Gillian Head's fiddle style is distinctive.  A native of New Waterford, Nova Scotia, Gillian took interest in the fiddle after learning to stepdance.  She went on to take lessons from the late Jerry Holland who had a tremendous impact on her playing and approach to music. Gillian's latest album, "Tidal" includes not only traditional Cape Breton tunes, but some of her own compositions as well.  Her fiddle playing has taken her all around Cape Breton and the U.S.; and her debut album, "Spirit"(2014) was nominated for Music Nova Scotia's Traditional/Roots Album of the Year in 2015.   

Mary Beth Carty has released her debut album Les biens-nommés and "might not be just launching a solo career, but pushing herself into the forefront of the next big genre." According to Alex Cook of The East Magazine, it’s "quirky, charming, and expressive, one of the most fun and exciting albums we’ve heard this year." With an accordion, a stomping board, and often humorous lyrics, Mary Beth has taken her solo show to audiences in Western Canada, Central Africa, and throughout Nova Scotia. The Underground Press notes of a Home Routes solo show, "right from the opening salvos of her sound test, the toes were tapping and heads were bobbing, and this continued ‘til the close of her third set." Fun!

Colin Grant’s fiddle playing has stepped to the forefront of the East Coast traditional music scene. Although most at home with traditional Cape Breton fiddle music, his versatility as both a lead and side musician has given him experiences in a variety of traditional styles, in addition to folk, rock and country genres. He is now part of the band, Knotwerk featuring Colin, Steve MacDougall & Mike Lilievre. 

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